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What We've been up too... and what we're looking at next!

New LipSlikz !
We're adding some delightful flavors to your favorite colors and adding some new colors as well!

* * *

New Blush Color Matte Mulberry
A deep plum matte shade.

* * *

New 51709 Beach Baby Bronzer - midway between 51702 Southern Sun and 51703 Sunkissed.

* * *

Drawing inspiration from a swimsuit catalog - looking at the waves and inviting pools of water, we created two new matte Eyeshadow colors for you:
53355 Lagoon - Matte Deep, vibrant crystal Blue Water.
53356 Carribean- Stunning ocean deep Matte green-blue.

* * *

February 2012 marks the Seven Year Anniversary of Premium Minerals Online. The traditional stone for a 7 year anniversary is Onyx so it seemed natural to do a "Onyx Special". While Onyx comes in many colors, we chose to focus on Black Onyx.

For the entire month of February, we are offering a 11 piece Set of our "black" Eyeshadow Samples for 75¢.

The Colors are:

The Colors are:
53353 - Smoke Serenity
53354 - Graphite Serenity
53549 - Limestone Pearl Sparkling
53550 - Shale Pearl Sparkling
53535 - Platinum Sparkling
53543 - Mystic Silver Sparkling
53526 - Mystic Fire Sparkling
53555 - Onyx Glow Sparkling
53334 - Limestone Smoothe
53335 - Shale Smoothe
53321 - Onyx Smoothe

* * *

Twister Sifter for our 10g size Jars - We received our new Twistr Siftrz! Sifters that twist to open (no more sticky tabs!). They are an option available for 10g size jars - Great for Eyeshadows, CoverUps and Correctors, Bronzers, etc..

* * *

We are reformulating the Bronzers to remove Ultramarine Blue or Ferric Ferrocyanide. Additionally, we are making more "matte" colors.

We are done reformulating 51701 Sun Goddess and have created a matte version of that color called 51711 West Beach .
And have moved on to reformulating 51702 Southern Sun with a new matte version named 51712 Endless Sun.

Also recently added
Fairy Dust Body Sparkle - Delightful sparkles for décolletage, back, shoulders, hair, wherever you dare! You will find it with our Finish Powders.

* * *

September 2011

Fairly Light Foundation Mineral
A Foundation shade half-way between Fairest and Neutral Light

* * *

Twister Sifter for 20g & 30g size Jars - We have finally received our new Twistr Siftrz! Sifters that twist to open (no more sticky tabs!). They are an option available for 20g and 30g size jars.

* * *

February 2011 marks the Six Year Anniversary of Premium Minerals Online. The traditional stone for a 6 year anniversary is Amethyst so it seemed natural to do a "Amethyst Special".

For the entire month of February, we are offering a 15 piece Set of our "purple" Eyeshadow Samples for 75¢.
Use the 5¢ Purple Amethyst Sample Set to order.

The Colors included in our "Sapphire Sale" are: 53308 - Amethyst Smoothe
53309 - Flourite Smoothe
53310 - Lilac Danburite Smoothe
53311 - Charoite Smoothe
53346 - Beauty Berry Serenity
53347 - Deerberry Serenity
53513 - Charoite Glow Sparkling
53515 - Charoite Frost Sparkling
53517 - Purple Fire Sparkling
53520 - Mystic Purple Sparkling
53536 - Sugilite Glow Sparkling
53539 - Violet Pearl Sparkling
53542 - Lavender Opal Sparkling
53548 - Black Amethyst Sparkling
51505 - Lavender Corrector

Limit of One 75¢ Sample Set per Customer and/or Address.

* * *

Happy New Year!

* * *

Malachite Glow Sparkling AnyWhere Color.

* * *

Backlight Pearl Corrector.

Apricot Corrector Mineral.

Pink Corrector Mineral.

September 2010 - We have been busy sorting through our buyout from a recently closed mineral makeup company.

Our newest addition -

Exfoliating Microfiber Facial Mitt

* * *

Spring and Summer 2010 will be a busy one for us Outdoors. This year we are all working on our forest project!

And, once the summer heat drives us indoors, we will start playing around with new color combinations.

* * *

February 2010 marks the Five Year Anniversary of our Online Store.
The traditional stone for a 5 year anniversary is Sapphire so it seemed natural to do a "Sapphire Sale".

Also, we are offering a set of our "blue" Eyeshadow Samples for 75¢.
Limit of One Setr per Customer and/or Address. Offer Expires February 28, 2010.
Use the 5¢ Sapphire Sample to order.

The Colors included in our "Sapphire Sale" are:
53312 - Larimar Smoothe
53313 - Kyanite Smoothe
53314 - Sapphire Smoothe
53315 - Lazurite Smoothe
53348 - Chicory Serenity
53518 - Azurite Glow Sparkling
53519 - Azurite Fire Sparkling
53540 - Azurite Opal Sparkling
53530 - Mystic Sapphire Sparkling

* * *

Happy New Year!

* * *

Christmas is almost here and another year is at an end.... Already!

♥ We've added New Eyeshadow Colors:

53560 Claret Opal - Similar to our popular Sienna Opal, the background of Claret Opal is a very deep wine red with a green highlight.
53561 Blush Opal - pale pink (almost flesh) color background with an pink opal shine that is a fantastic highlight!

Happy Holidays!

* * *

Halloween is coming soon and time once again to "be Somebody Different" for the Night!
....which usually means hunting high and low for that perfect costume. And, depending on your own personal sense of the macabre, it can mean some pretty hideous makeup that will totally ruin your complexion for two weeks afterward! Yuck!

But, before you sweat it out in a too HOT mask or grease your face (or your child's) up for the night, check out our natural mineral makeup colors.
For Foundations, we have Spook which is deadly white and ideal for ghosts, skeletons, vampires, geisha, clowns ????
(a fan of Twilight or True Blood, and looking for a more realistic "vampire dead"?)

Our Monster Foundation which is a cold grey sure to warm the heart of your witch, frankenstein, grim reaper ????

Other accents can be found in our Our oh-so-many Colors.

And, all of it is Easy on, Easy off and No guilt!

Happy Haunting!

* * *

"Half"-tone Foundations and Coverup:
Demi CoverUp - a CoverUp Mineral shade halfway between Light CoverUp and Medium CoverUp
Rose Medley - a Foundation shade halfway between Rose Light and Rose Medium
Neutral Medley - a Foundation shade halfway between Neutral Light and Neutral Medium
Warm Medley - a Foundation shade halfway between Warm Light and Warm Medium
Champagne Medley - a Foundation shade halfway between Champagne Light and Champagne Medium
Rose Ferrago - a Foundation shade halfway between Rose Medium and Rose Tan
Neutral Ferrago - a Foundation shade halfway between Neutral Medium and Neutral Tan
Warm Ferrago - a Foundation shade halfway between Warm Medium and Warm Tan
Champagne Ferrago - a Foundation shade halfway between Champagne Medium and Champagne Tan

Sigh - As "if" there wasn't already enough color confusion!

* * *

Serenity Anywhere Colors are Here! - A new color group that is not "sparkly" but it also not "flat smoothe" - They have "depth" = a subtle sheen foreground (not as flamboyant as our Sparkles/Frosts) with a solid matte background. The effect is "brightening".

There are currently 15 new eyeshadow colors in our Serenity Shadows Line:

Beauty Berry - 53346
Buff - 53339
Chicory - 53348
Deerberry - 53347
Doe - 53341
Fawn - 53340
Graphite - 53354
Mockernut - 53344
Monarda - 53342
Moss - 53350
Polygonum - 53343
Sage - 53349
Shagbark - 53345
Smoke - 53353
Snow - 53352

* * *

New Foundation Shades for Darker Skintones: new Darker Shades for Each Tone Family called Twilight are now available! See Foundations

Beneficial Minerals - colloidal Minerals and Vitamins, natural herbal extracts and essential oils good for your face. Can be used as a primer under makeup or alone as a daytime wrinkle hiding! Use as a daytime clear coat or a nighttime treat for your skin.

* * *

We Moved! ... and now it's time for some FUN!

Projects on our list for the next couple of months include:

Serenity Shadows - a collection of eyeshadow colors inspired by beauty of nature with shades taken from plants and animals we've seen around our Ozark cabin. They have a background shine which gives them excellent coverage. But not Sparkley!
* * *
New Foundation Shades for Darker Skintones.
* * *
More Lip Gloss Colors - with "pictures"
* * *
New Milady's Secret Skincare products including:

Beneficial Minerals - colloidal Minerals and Vitamins, natural herbal extracts and essential oils good for your face. Can be used as a primer under makeup or alone as a daytime wrinkle hiding! Use as a daytime clear coat or a nighttime treat for your skin.

* * *

We've found our Place and We're Moving! Check out the latest information on our Moving Page
We will be closing at 10am on Fridays until we complete the move, please see Moving Page for details.

* * *

For those of you who are not on our Newsletter list, we are Severely Space Challenged at this time and it is hindering our new product development.
We are actively seeking a new location and are confident we can be back to "having fun" with new products by the end of summer!

* * *

More from Milady's Secret:
Mineralz Setting Spray Primer & Toner - Improves adhesion making mineral powders stay-put while refreshing and nourishing the skin with minerals from the Sea.
Beneficial Minerals - colloidal Minerals and Vitamins, natural herbal extracts and essential oils good for your face. Can be used as a primer under makeup or alone as a daytime wrinkle hiding! clear coat or a night-time treat for yourskin.

More Mineral Slicks - Liquid Lip Gloss in assorted mineral shades as well as Clear to "create your own Favorite"!

Gloss Clear Mineral Sliks Lipgloss - Clear liquid lipgloss to use over, or under, or with your favorite minerals or lipstick.
Gloss Dusty Rose Mineral Sliks Lipgloss - Our popular Dusty Rose Glow as a liquid Lip Gloss!
Gloss Sand Pearl Mineral Sliks Lipgloss - A soft beige shimmer, our Sand Pearl looks great in a liquid lipgloss!
Gloss Raspberry Wine Mineral Sliks Lipgloss - A very deep raspberry wine liquid lipgloss.
Gloss Rich Ruby Mineral Sliks Lipgloss - A deep rich, shimmery Ruby liquid lipgloss.

* * *

Milady's Secret - a delightful collection of natural skin care products to combat the effects of our worst enemy - age.
I hate the term "anti-aging" (it makes me feel old!) but these products are in that category. They help us offset the imperfections that time has left on our faces - without the radical chemical solutions offered in today's marketplace! And, similar products sell for two-three times as much!

An important feature that is different from many "natural" skin care products is the lack of fragrance. Some of the natural ingredients impart a light fragrance... but no additional fragrance is added. This is so that your skincare products don't overwhelm that to-die-for Perfume you love!

Also, while formula hunting for us "mature skin" people, we discovered some products that will help with some of the problems that plague younger skins too! Again, natural ingredients and low or no fragrance at an affordable price.
Exquisite Emu Enrich - Called a "miracle" oil by many, pure emu oil is long known for its healing and penetrating properties. As an anti-inflammatory, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and is purported to relieve bruises, arthritis, joint stiffness and muscle pain. On the skin, it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel "greasy". It's rich, natural moisturizing properties make it excellent for combating the aging process, preventing scars and even relieving eczema.
Uplift Creme - This is a special formula that absorbs quickly into the skin to lift and tighten sagging skin, even out uneveness, eliminate age and sun spots, hydrates and moisturizes, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and all naturally!
Echo Facial Renewal Serum Trial Size - Utilizing the soothing effects of Rooibos and Aloe, this the perfect serum for any and all skin types. And, this particular combination leaves the skin feeling moist and soft without feeling "greasy"!
Resolution Hydrating Oil Free Moisturizer - For years we have been asked for a good moisturizer to use with our mineral makeup and we believe we have finally found one that fits: New Resolution Oil Free Moisturizer! That's right - No oily, greasey feeling! Excellent for all Skintypes!

Kiss Finish Powder - nothing but very sheer, light serecite mica

All Finish Powders, Bronzers, CoverUps and Correctors available in 30g Jar Size.

* * *

Please, pardon our dust... We are working on the website! And, though we try to do everything during low traffic periods, seems there is always "somebody up" somewhere in the world!

Sooooo, if you are browsing through the catalog and the whole page changes color, font, background or (shudder....) just completely goes away - please don't panic! (we're already freaking out for you!) We will correct it within a minute or two!

Some of the things we are working on:
More information; more product pictures; easier navigation; streamlined checkout.
PS: if there is anything YOU would like to see included in our site, Please Let Us Know!

* * *

New AnyWhere Eyeshadow color for the Holidays - Opal !

* * *

LipSlikz lipbalm/lipstick are back!

* * *

Who says Halloween Fun has to wreak havoc on your skin for two weeks after?
Use Mineral Makeup instead of traditional theatrical grease paint!
Monster - is grey.
Spook - is whiter than white!

New AnyWhere Colors include
Onyx Glow
Sand Pearl
Raw Cocoa Glow

* * *

"Lighter" shade CoverUp and Correctors for Fairer Skin Tones.
Porcelain CoverUp - The Very Palest shade CoverUp Mineral for Very Fair Skintones -that covers intensely while providing a matte finish and absorbing oil
Soft Green Corrector - The very palest green matte shade Corrector Mineral for the very Fairest Skin Tone -that helps to cover redness from rosacea acne sunburn
Soft Yellow Corrector - The very palest yellow matte shade Corrector Mineral for the very Fairest Skin Tone - that helps to conceal under-eye gray area

Dark CoverUp for Darker Skin Tones.
Dark CoverUp - A deeper shade CoverUp Mineral for Darker Skintones - that covers intensely while providing a matte finish and absorbing oil

* * *

To micronize or not to micronize... that is the question.
After MUCH deliberation, we have decided to keep our Fun in the SunScreen(non-micronized) in production - though we will be shortening the name to FunrSun. For an explanation of the benefits of our two mineral formulas, SuprSun and FunrSun, and the colors available for each, please see our Page

Apply before Sun Exposure Powder is Here!

* * *

New AnyWhere Eyeshadow Colors for 2006

Sugilite Glow - a warmer shade of sparkling purple AnyWhere Color
Rhodocrosite Glow - a warmer sparkling bright pink AnyWhere Color
Rodolite Glow - a deeper sparkling raspberry pink AnyWhere Color
Enchanted Rose - A deeper dusty rose Sparkling AnyWhere Color
Frosted Rose - A delightful frosty dusty rose Sparkling AnyWhere Color
Pink Pearl - a happy pink with pearlescent shine AnyWhere Color
Violet Pearl - a lite violet with pearlescent shine AnyWhere Color
Limestone Pearl - a soft gray with pearlescent shine AnyWhere Color
Shale Pearl - a dark gray with pearlescent shine AnyWhere Color
Apricot Glow - rich apricot coral with pearlescent shine AnyWhere Color
Coral - a matte rich coral Smoothe AnyWhere Color
Limestone - a matte soft gray Smoothe AnyWhere Color
Shale - a matte medium-dark gray Smoothe AnyWhere Color
Coffee -(Colombian Dark) a Very Dark matte brown Smoothe AnyWhere Color
Obsidian - a matte brown so dark it's almost black. Smoothe AnyWhere Color

New Chameleon AnyWhere Colors that have highlights of a totally different color!
Black Amethyst - shimmers from black to purple to a kind of hot pink
Lavender Opal - richly hued reddish purples with medium shimmer and hilites of blue
Azurite Opal - an elegant, sedate and saturated blue with a fine multi-sparkle and hilites of violet
Sienna Opal - a dark, reddish-brown that skitters away into an irridescent green.

Matte Sassy Blush - like our Sassy Pink Glow is mid-way between Mauve Glow and Dusty Rose Glow, our New Matte Sassy will be mid-way between our Matte Mauve and Matte Rose.

New Foundation:
Gothic Mystique - a pale shade sure to appeal to all the Goth Fans!

Three New shades in our "Mystic Minerals" line:
Mystic Rose, Mystic Gold and Mystic Silver

Affiliate Program

Tell all your friends about Premium Minerals Makeup
and earn cash or store credit!

* * * *

Recent Arrivals:

Add some Sparkle to your Holiday Festivites with our new Precious Metal Treasures.

24 Karat, Platinum and Diamonds

24 Karat
White Diamond

We are very excited about the New Makeup Brush Sets! They are an excellent quality at an affordable price.

Fun in the Sun... nothing but pure translucent Minerals. Apply before Sun Exposure Mineral.

Mineral Slikz - all the best lip protection with Aloe, Vit E and a hint of mineral color. Keeps your lips soft, protected and looking good too! What more could you want from a lipstick? deep plum matte AnyWhere Color Garnet AnyWhere Color
Lite Vivianite... a lite matte teal blue AnyWhere Mineral Color. Lite Olivine AnyWhere Color

Mystic Ruby...a mysterious dark ruby red shimmer with black undertones. Mystic Sapphire
Mystic dark plum Shimmer with black undertones AnyWhere Color Mystic Wine

Summer Fun(Bronzer)... a matte (not shiny) bronzer good for all skin tones! Summer Fun Bronzer.
Matte Rose Blush - deep dusty rose matte Blush Mineral. Matte Rose
Matte Mauve Blush - deep mauve matte Blush Mineral. Matte Mauve

Rhodonite... a very pale matte pink AnyWhere Mineral Color.
Veil Pink... a peach-pink matte finishing powder Veil Pink Finishing Powder.
Dark Teal(Vivianite)... a dark matte teal blue AnyWhere Mineral Color. Vivianite AnyWhere Mineral Color.
Dark Olive(Olivine)... a dark matte olive green tea AnyWhere Mineral Color.Olivine AnyWhere Mineral Color.

Keep those requests coming! We love the suggestions!

"Walk with Nature and leave a small footprint."   - Deb

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